Rhubarb Rosé Sangria

Toast summer with this perfectly crisp, floral, and effervescent sangria! Flavors of rhubarb, elderflower, strawberry, and raspberry fill each glass. And your second glass. And your th – never mind. You see for yourself! Finally. It’s #THIRSTday. I’m so sorry that my #THIRSTday posts have been lacking, you guys. I really mean that. But all… Continue reading Rhubarb Rosé Sangria

Coconut Matcha Pops

Green Tea Ice Cream. Sigh. I absolutely LOVE it. What’s not to love? Oh yea, dairy. Don’t get me wrong. I love dairy. By now you’ve likely seen a number of my recipes that have included cheese, yogurt, even milk. However, those recipes use it very sparingly. See, it’s not that I don’t dislike dairy… Continue reading Coconut Matcha Pops

Salmon Pasta Salad

It’s Friday. Did you know that? I only ask because this was one of those weeks. On Monday, someone suggested that we should really have a “second Sunday”. Then on Tuesday I was convinced it was Wednesday. Basically, this week has become an endless sick joke in which I was losing all hope I’d be… Continue reading Salmon Pasta Salad