Harvest Cheese Board

When I entertain, an epic cheese board is always on the menu. Everyone is always so impressed…but it is seriously the MOST EASY thing to prepare. You just need a little creativity! Something sweet, something spicy, something salty. You need to have a little bit of everything on the board to please the masses. On… Continue reading Harvest Cheese Board

White Turkey Chili

Chili is synonymous with comfort on the coldest days. It truly warms you from the inside out, providing you with the sense that everything is going to be alright in the world. What I love about chili is that there are so many different ways to enjoy it. Chicken, beef, turkey, pork, or no meat… Continue reading White Turkey Chili

Apple and Brie Soup with Bacon and Pumpkin Seed Granola

I have never wanted you to try something more on this blog. I’m serious. This soup. THIS. SOUP. It starts out as a standard butternut squash soup. Ok, nothing THAT special. Ooh….but then we add some fresh apple AND apple cider? Interesting. Ok, let’s keep going. Then we simmer everything in stock….and BEER? Ok, ok.… Continue reading Apple and Brie Soup with Bacon and Pumpkin Seed Granola

Arugula Salad with Port Roasted Pears and Roquefort

When you’re asked to “bring a salad” to a dinner party, holiday, or night in with friends, what’s your first reaction? “UUUGGGGHHHHHHH A SALAD?” I know. It’s not as exciting as an appetizer or dessert, but you’ll live. And you’ll be THE HIT of your gathering if you come with THIS salad. This fancy schmancy… Continue reading Arugula Salad with Port Roasted Pears and Roquefort

The Best Green Juice

Healthy, vibrant, feel-good food. Isn’t that we all aspire to eat every day? But then life happens. The second cup of coffee with questionable creamer. The lunch meeting at the burger place. The evil candy dish that magically appears when you hit that afternoon slump. And of course, the convenience of “picking up something quick… Continue reading The Best Green Juice